This is a list of Silverlight tutorials I’ve worked on recently.

WCF RIA Services


Multi Touch

Data Validation

Out Of Browser

WebCam and Microphone

Building Silverlight Business Applications


  • Module 1 – IntroductionJohn Papa and Ian Griffiths discuss the key areas that the Building Business Applications with Silverlight 4 course focuses on. This module is the overview of the course which covers many key scenarios that are faced when building business applications and how Silverlight can help address them.
  • Module 2 – WCF RIA Services clip_image026In this lab, you will create a web site for managing conferences that will be the basis for the other labs in this course. (Don’t worry if you don’t manage to complete a particular lab. These lab manual instructions are accompanied by completed solutions, so you can either build your own solution from start to finish, or dive straight in at any point using the solutions provided as a starting point.) You will learn how to set up WCF RIA Services, create bindings to the domain context, filter using the domain data source, and create domain service queries.
  • Module 3 – Authentication, Validation, MVVM, Commands, Implicit Styles and RichTextBox 


    clip_image027This lab demonstrates how to build a login screen, integrate ASP.NET authentication, and perform validation on data elements. Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) is introduced and used in this lab as a pattern to help separate the UI and business logic. You will also learn how to use implicit styling and the new RichTextBox control.

  • Module 4 – User Profiles, Drop Targets, Webcam and Clipboardclip_image028This lab builds new features into the sample application to take the user's photo. It teaches you how to use the webcam to capture an image, use Silverlight as a drop target, and take advantage of programmatic access to the clipboard.


  • Module 5 – Schedule Planner and Right Mouse Clickclip_image029 This lab builds on the application to show how to create grouping in the DataGrid. It also demonstrates how to implement right mouse click features and how to add support for the context menu.


  • Module 6 – Printing the Scheduleclip_image030This is module 6 of the Building Business Applications with Silverlight 4 course. This module covers the fundamentals of printing in Silverlight. It also offers some techniques for printing multiple pages.


  • Module 7 – Running the Event Dashboard Out of Browser

    clip_image031This lab builds a dashboard for the sample application while explaining the fundamentals of the out of browser features, how to handle authentication, displaying notifications (toasts), and how to use native integration to use COM Interop with Silverlight.


  • Module 8 – Advanced Out of Browser and MEF clip_image032This hands-on lab walks through the creation of a trusted out of browser application and the new functionality that comes with that. You will learn to use COM Automation, handle the window closing event, set custom window chrome, digitally sign your Silverlight out of browser trusted application, create a silent install option, and take advantage of MEF.