I ran across some themes for Graffiti CMS from the Atlanta .NET Guys that they have on their site. They uploaded 10 Graffiti CMS Themes that they ported to Graffiti CMS, but that were designed by Free CSS Templates

I like my theme, but I had been considering a new one. I found their Embouteillage theme (see below) as a basis, but there was quite a bit wanted to change. So I grabbed the theme and made a bunch of changes to it. I put the new theme up on my site this afternoon, so you are likely looking at it now. Once I get the kinks worked out I will post the files on my site in case anyone is interested in them.

I wanted to create a darker theme similar to my dark Visual Studio 2008 settings. I like the charcoal background look as its easier on my old eyes.

I am sure it won’t please everyone, but hey, it works for me … until I make something better:)


And yep … I noticed a few quirks in FireFox with the footer. I am working on them.


UPDATE 1: Looks like the footer is working in FireFox and IE now. I’ll keep an eye out for any other issues. Let me know if you see any.

UPDATE 2: Safari was making a lot of text show up in red. Which usually means it cannot resolve something with a CSS file. Turns out it wants the default.css file in the root, so I poked a blank default.css file in the root of my site and its happy now in Safari. It worked fine in FireFox and IE regardless. Go Figure. I’m too tired to look into it any further tonight. I am going to get some ice cream with my girls.

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