We’re about 2 weeks away from the football season’s opening kickoff. I’m a huge Giants fan so obviously I was feeling great year last year, and this year looks promising too. The roster can only hold 53 active players so here is my best guess at what the opening day roster will look like if nothing else changes. Injuries always play a factor, so watch out.


Quarterbacks (3) – Manning, Carr, Woodson

- Woodson has looked bad, but I think the Giants are going to be happy enough with Carr as a backup that they will groom Woodson. Wright is hurting and has never shown much.

Running Backs (4) – Jacobs, Bradshaw, Ward, Ware

- Droughns is a good veteran player and excellent special teamer. He and Ware are fighting for a spot but Ware is younger, has less mileage, and has lit it up this preseason.

Fullbacks (1) – Hedgecock

- Douglass has played well, but there is no room for 2 FBs on this team and Hedgecock is the better of the 2

Tight Ends (3) – Boss, Johnson, Matthews

- Boss has the best hands, Matthews has been the best blocker, and Johnson has a little of both and is very athletic.

Wide Receivers (7) - Burress, Toomer, Smith, Hixon, Manningham, Moss, London

- Thorpe has played well and may end up on the practice squad, but he won’t make the team. London and Hixon are playing very well. If only 6 are taken, I expect London to be pushed to the practice squad. But an injury could give him a shot, too. He’s big and has good hands. Tyree is hurting and figures to go on the PUP list.

Offensive Linemen (8) – Diehl, Suebert, O’Hara, Snee, McKenzie, Ruegamer, Whimper, Koets,

- Shane Olivea would have made it if he was healthy. There is a good chance the Giants pick up a backup tackle before the opener still from someone’s cuts. Otherwise, I expect these 8 to make it


Defensive Linemen (8) – Umenyiora, Robbins, Cofield, Tuck, Alford, Wynnm Tollefson, Gilberry

- They like to keep this line fresh so I expect 8 to make the cut.  Alford has been good and his long snapping has been very good. He’ll stick. These guys are all solid and Gilberry even though he is an DE in a DE heavy team, I think he’ll make it.

Linebackers (7) – Kiwanuka, Pierce, Clark, Wilkinson, Blackburn, Kehl, DeOssie

- Goff is probably going on the PUP. If he doesn’t, he might push WIlkinson or someone else out of a spot. He flies to the ball. Daniels is another guy to keep an eye on. He has been very good this preseason. DeOssie has been OK, but his long snapping has been very good.

Safeties (4) – Philips, Knight, Johnson, Butler

- These 4 are the best of the bunch. Dahl has been good, but I see practice squad in his future. Schwiegart has a shot at Butler’s spot, too. But I think Butler has done enough to ward him off.

Cornerback (6) – Ross, Madison, Thomas, Webster, McQuarters, Dockery

- Pope did a good job filling in last year. But unless McQuarters gets cut, which I doubt due to his special team abilities, Pope gets practice squad duties

PlaceKicker (1) – Huston

- Tynes is going on the PUP. Just a gut feel.

Punter (1) – Feagles

- He’ll be kicking in his 90’s and still be the best directional kicker in the NFL

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