I'm here in NYC, a city I have visited several times. This time I am here to present 2 topics on Silverlight and on ASP.NET this Monday and Tuesday. There are some great talks this week at VSLive by guys like Sahil Mallik and Brian Peek. If you have not checked out any of Peek's stuff, you really should. He is the author of the WiiMote .NET Library which has really taken off and even gotten the attention of Newsweek magazine!

I'll be writing in every spare moment I have while I am here. I've got some catching up to do still on the final few chapters of my book. Its a race to get it done and printed by Dec!

On a football note ... I've been catching up on the football action and I can't believe that Tom Brady might be out for the season! I am a Giants fan, but man, I feel for the Patriots fans. It was funny to see Strahan on Fox today being an analyst ... he's actually quite funny. Other notes ... Matt Forte, DeShawn Jackson, Matt Ryan, and Ray Rice all looked great today. What do they have in common ... they are all rookies! And in amazing style ... Michael Turner ran for 220 yards today for the Falcons. This guys was the backup to LT in San Diego for the past few years. We all knew he was good, but wow! It's going to be a fun season!