Thanks to all of you Silverlight TV has really taken off. We’re working hard to keep bringing in top, fresh and new content from great presenters. I think you’ll like what we have in store for the upcoming schedule!

SLTV-Stacked_300x300One new features for the show is Ask the Experts. During each show I will ask the guest one of your questions! We’ll be alerting everyone via Twitter about our speaker lineup in advance so you can send your questions to us. Just send your questions to us on Twitter at @SilverlightTV or @john_papa

Anything you’ve been dying to ask Jesse Liberty? Send your questions now for this week’s lineup of of shows with the following well known guests.

  • Pete Brown
  • Jesse Liberty
  • Adam Kinney

In the coming weeks we have scheduled John Stockton, Yavor Georgiev, Karl Shifflett, Deepesh Mohnani, and the Silverlight Pivot Team, just to name a few. Send your questions now for these great guests!

Here are a few other important notes about recent changes to Silverlight TV:

  • Subscribe via Zune
  • Subscribe via iTunes
    • Silverlight TV is also listed in iTunes here
  • High Res Videos
    • We’ve heard some comments about wanting higher resolution video. We do offer a higher resolution video from the media downloads list (shown below). Try grabbing the WMV (High) option.
    • image
  • Ask the Experts
    • I’ll be alerting everyone following us on Twitter who we’ll be filming each week. This will give you a chance to send us your questions and possibly have them asked on air.
  • Air Dates
    • We are scheduling a new show for every Thursday with the exception of launch weeks (like this one due to the launches of RIA Services and the Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010) when the launch schedule takes precedence.
  • Lots of Content
    • Occasionally we’ll also run a second show early in the week if we have a ton of videos due to an upcoming launch. (Otherwise we get videos backed up for months).
  • Branching Out
    • Silverlight TV is now being shown in Japan !
    • Other Microsoft groups around the world are planning on hosting their own Silverlight TV shows … stay tuned for this as we branch out next fiscal year.

Thanks for tuning in!