This past Tuesday I had dinner with several of the Tampa area Silverlight crew at Champps and then headed over to the Microsoft offices and presented at the Tampa Silverlight User Group (Tampa SLUG). image It was a nice evening where I got to see many familiar faces and show off several demos on Silverlight. I am always amazed at how many awesome developers there are in the Tampa Bay area … and many of them are very active in the community.

As promised, I wrapped up the demos and the slide deck and included them here for download. The demos are raw as many of them were done on the fly, but use them as you will :-)

The presentation showed several practical Silverlight techniques to use OOB applications, how the PathListBox blows open some creative aspects, why MVVM is important, and how to use Blend to design.

You can grab the demos here and the slide deck here.

I’ll also be posting the Seesmic “Sticky” control demo soon, that I showed off at the Tampa SLUG. Stay tuned for that post as it uses Blend design techniques, MEF and MVVM. Also, this week we have a great episode of Silverlight TV coming where Adam Kinney shows how to template controls like the ListBox. Since this is my vacation week, I promise that is all i will be doing this week :)

I heard many rumblings of wanting to start up a Silverlight user group in Orlando too. If you are interested please contact the Tampa SLUG leaders through their web site and express your interest in an Orlando group.

Thanks for having me Tampa!