I’ve been asked by a few people where the code content for my book will be. I decided to host it on my site in a separate section. Originally I had planned an entire site for the book, but due to time, I decided to just create a section on my site for now that will cater to the book. So once the book goes live I will host all of the source code for the book on my site (assuming O’Reilly is cool with that). And I will create a RSS category for the book.

I am not a big RSS category fan, in fact I use don’t use them at all. Instead I use tags, which seem to make things easier (maybe I am wrong).

In case I change my mind at a future date, I reserved www.silverlight-data.com for  the book’s site. Currently it links to my site, but I will change that to go directly to the book content on my site. Or if I decide to put a new site up for the book it will go there. Obviously there is time to decide still, but either way, if you are looking for materials for the book, just link to www.silverlight-data.com 










I will have code samples for each chapter using C# and I will convert them all to VB using Instant VB. Dave over at Tangible Software Solutions has been very helpful at helping me get the code converted as I ran across problems. Their software is awesome, check it out if you have not already.

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