Want to build a Bing web and image search using Silverlight for Windows Phone 7? Kirupa Chinnathambi of the Expression team shows you just how to do that in this week's episode. Kirupa covers a lot of topics as he builds the app, including how to:

  • wire up the app image
  • add the image templates
  • use the Pivot control
  • apply the built in resources to pick up the selected theme in the phone
  • use sample data
  • template a ListBox's ItemsPanel
  • use the WrapPanel from the toolkit
  • handle orientation changes of the phone
  • customize the ApplicationBar

And Kirupa does all of this through Expression Blend!

Note: The WrapPanel used in this episode was from the Silverlight 3 Toolkit. Today the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit was released, which includes the WrapPanel. Check out what other controls are in the toolkit in John's post.

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