Angular. Breeze. JavaScript and HTML5. These buzzwords have been getting a lot of air play over the past year. There are plenty of examples to introduce you to these technologies but how do you apply these to larger apps at your workplace? This is where I find an end to end tutorial and demonstration can really help.

One place you can look for a practical implementation is Pluralsight, where they recently published both Part 1 an Part 2 of my Building Apps with Angular and Breeze courses. These courses intend to serve as a guide to take you from zero to hero to build an app from a blank canvas. Along the way I share my thought process on what I choose to build first, what options I weigh, and how I write code and then refactor it as I go. It is one possible road you can take as there are many ways to build applications, and thus the solution is not what is important but rather the journey getting there.


Part 1 provides the foundations for you to build a Single Page Application (SPA) from scratch using JavaScript, Angular, and Breeze. It takes you from scratch with “file new project” and all the way to a working application. Part 2 builds on top of part 1 to teach you the rest of what you need to know to build a SPA including how to prepare for scaling your app, repository and unit of work patterns, saving strategies, CRUD, model validation, custom directives, and much more.


I hope you enjoy the series!

And if you want to see a glimpse on how i pair program with Ward Bell, a great friend and one of the brilliant minds leading the forefront of SPA development, check out our Play by Play video.