In case you haven’t heard, Durandal is currently running a Kickstarter to help fund their project in the 2014 year. Durandal is an open source JavaScript library for creating apps with elegant, clean code. Their Kickstarter promises new releases, new and improved tooling, video training courses and a NextGen tech preview.</p>

By backing the project, you not only help them to achieve their goals, but you can walk away with some nice goodies. For example, if you back at $15 you get the first video training course along with source code. That's a great followup to my Pluralsight course on Durandal. If you want to pledge more you can get the 2nd and 3rd training courses, early access to the sample app source, early access to tooling and next gen code, t-shirts, virtual conference training, marketing opportunities and more. There's great rewards for individuals, companies and community it helps the project to build a strong foundation for long-term business growth.

The training is an obvious perk of this campaign, especially since it's being produced by the creator of Durandal.

NextGen Preview

If the Kickstarter is funded, a parallel implementation of Durandal will be produced. Stop what you are doing and watch the "hello world" video now. Wow. It's based on emerging web standards, is one of the simplest SPA dev experiences I've seen.

It’s an exciting time to be a developer and Durandal is offering some amazing opportunities. Are you willing to help out? There’s only a few days left.