I've been using some javascript snippet that generates a DotNetKicks KickIt image for a blog post. I found the javascript to insert the KickIt link in a post by Jon Galloway. (Thanks Jon!) I tweaked his javascript to suit my needs and it works well. However, I rarely used my converted script because I was too lazy to copy it into my posts. I tried using the some of the Windows Liver Writer plugins that are available on CodePlex and other places, but none that I found did exactly what I wanted. So I decided to create a Windows Liver Writer plugin that inserts a KickIt link in my posts. It was pretty simple to throw together, and even though there probably is a better one out there already, I had fun doing this :)

I used the SDK and threw together a plugin with a few properties in the sidebar pane (see below).  The buttons allow you to choose a color from a color dialog. One of the features I wanted was the ability to change the colors of the links, so the properties made sense for me.

image      image

It works now (as you can see the link at the bottom of this page), but once I get some more features in it I will make the bits available for download in case anyone wants it. I plan on putting in a better mechanism to manage default values, clan up some code I don't like, and customize a few other options. If you have any requests for features, leave me a comment or shoot me an email from my contact page.