x Expression Studio 2 is out of beta and has been released. I've been using the betas and they have been pretty good, but its nice to finally get my hands on the full release as v2 is much better than v1.

Expression Studio contains the following products:

  • Expression Web 2
  • Expression Blend 2
  • Expression Design 2
  • Expression Media 2
  • Expression Encoder 2
  • Clipped from their web site, here is a list of features for Expression Studio 2:

    Design for Windows and the Web

    Use a full range of new professional design tools to bring your creativity to the world of the .NET framework and Silverlight. Design the next generation of user interfaces for Windows and the Web.

    Designer Developer workflow

    Combine Expression Studio for designers with Visual Studio for developers for a powerfully integrated solution for designing and coding innovative applications.

    Design for Silverlight 1.0

    Expression Studio 2 is the essential design resource for Microsoft's newest web technology Silverlight 1.0 - use a combination of Expression Blend 2 and Design 2 to create your Silverlight application and Expression Web 2 to integrate it into your website.

    Standards Based design with Expression Web 2

    Design for today's web standards with Expression Web 2, built to translate your visual layouts into fully compliant pages using your choice of versions of XHTML, CSS, XML and XSLT.

    Harness the power of ASP.NET and PHP with Expression Web 2

    Expression Web 2 is the first web design tool to offer deep support for both ASP.NET 3.5 and PHP which allows designers to collaborate with developers on web projects to make compelling sites.

    Design UX with Expression Blend 2

    Collaborate with developers to produce applications with great user experience that both look great and function well. Design application skins with interactivity and animation without needing to type a line of code.

    Design for XAML

    Design graphic elements for Blend and Silverlight and export them in XAML format to retain absolute fidelity through the life of the project. Have confidence that your design lives on.

    Create Artwork with Expression Design 2

    Create artwork for your desktop and web applications using an exciting drawing tool then either export as XAML or slice your images for the Web.

    Manage your design assets with Expression Media 2

    Keep track of your graphic and video files using Expression Media, a team asset management tool that lets you sort, keyword and find them with unsurpassed ease.

    Encode Video for Silverlight with Expression Encoder 2

    Prepare your files for delivery with Silverlight using the Expression Encoder to crop and add markers enabling your websites to interact with your video content.

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