I had a good response to my DotNetKicks plugin for Windows Live Writer. One of the requests that came along was to write a Live Writer plugin for DZone, too. DZone is another one of the aggregating sites … they state on their site “fresh links for developers”.

Anyway … I created the plugin today and will post it on codeplex when I get a chance. For now though, you can grab it from these links, below:

DZone plugin source code

DZone plugin dll.

If you just want to use this plugin, simply download the dll and drop it in your Live Writer plugin folder.I only added a single option: the style of the link. The style can either be tall or wide.

This is Tall dzone_tall  and this is Wide dzone_wide

Here is the options page. Yes, very simple :)


Again … a short disclaimer here … you need the June 2008 Technical Preview of Windows Live Writer and the SDK for this code to work. Also, this is a technical preview and the team’s blog states that at this time you cannot upload plugins made with it to the Windows Live Gallery. The downloads come with some sample applications, a new features quick start and a help file.

If you have any feature requests, let me know. Feel free to grab this plug in and blog away! Enjoy!

Oh, and don’t forget to click the links below for me :-)