There is a great list of all of the new features in Silverlight 2 beta 2 at this link. The release is supposed to be out this week, which would be today or tomorrow, one would hope.

A few highlights from that post that caught my eye:

  • The Visual State manager
  • A new Deep Zoom Composer tool is on its way
  • A new tab control
  • TextBox scrolling & wrapping
  • Support for element syntax for binding markup extension


With this release there will be a new SL installation, a new rev of Blend 2.5 (the June 2008 Preview), and a new rev of the Silverlight tools for Visual Studio. Jesse Liberty posted some of the effects of the changes in beta 2 including the changes to the event bubbling of controls. This is a good read as it now works more like WPF. Jesse also updated many of his tutorials other than the styles tutorial. I imagine that is because he is going to integrate the VSM and some other new features into that one, since its sooooo darn cool. If you have not checked out the new VSM, you really gotta.

The wait for the release continues …