I've been known to share that my development experience with Cosmos DB's Node SDK and the VS Code extension are fantastic and feel great. I want you to experience it too. But I expect you are in a time crunch. In which case, this post is for you.

I've collected the five key links you need to have a great experience with Cosmos DB using Node.


1 - It's Intuitive

How are they intuitive? The functions and properties just make sense. Get my container. Get its items. Read them all. Return them as an array. When things make sense, it takes less time to figure it out.

Please check out my 4-minute post on why I feel good when coding with the Cosmos Node SDK. You want to get a list of items from your container (aka a table or collection)? Just type container.items.readAll().toArray()

Learn how intuitive it is from my short post

2 - Excellent and Complete @azure/cosmos npm package

The npm package is well written, has a great README.md, and is well maintained. Come on; you know many examples of repositories where this is not the case to know that a well-written repository is worth its weight in gold! Check it out!

Get the @azure/cosmos package here on npm

3 – Official 15 Minute Quickstart

This quickstart covers how to create an account, a database, a container, items, and then manipulate and query them. It takes about 15 minutes and even contains a cheat (aka a GitHub repository with the solution).

Try the Node and Cosmos DB Quickstart documentation here

4 - The VS Code Extension is Amazing!

Seriously. The Cosmos DB extension in VS Code makes creating, manipulating, and querying the database super simple. I won't reveal hints here because you simply must try it out.

Get the VS Code Extension for Cosmos DB here

5 - Try it for Free

Free is good. Go to this link and Try Azure Cosmos DB for Free

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