I recently released my course on the Vue CLI with Pluralsight course (December 31, 2018) and I'd like to share what's inside!

Here is the overview ...

Do you want to learn to develop Vue apps quickly while following the recommended tooling? In this course, Developing Faster with the Vue CLI, you will gain the ability to build Vue apps efficiently with the Vue CLI and popular Vue developer tools. First, you will learn what the Vue CLI does, how to install it, and how to use it to generate and serve Vue apps. Next, you will discover the various options and outcomes of using the CLI to build apps, libraries, and web components. Finally, you will explore how to add unit and end to end testing, extend your Vue app with plugins, and take advantage of the Vue CLI's UI. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of the Vue CLI needed to develop Vue apps efficiently.

Here is a peek at some of what's inside:

  • Learning the various CLI commands
  • Zero Configuration prototyping options
  • Setting up the Vue CLI
  • Creating Vue apps
  • Building Vue apps
  • Importing 3rd party libraries
  • Creating libraries
  • Creating web components
  • Serving Vue
  • Running unit and e2e tests
  • and more :)


Thank you for watching!

-- John Papa