The first episode of Silverlight TV is in the books. A special thank you to Keith Smith for coming on and doing a fantastic job and to everyone who watched our show! The planning for many future episodes is under way. One of the plans is to have take the questions we receive from Twitter to @SilverlightTV, find the appropriate resource, and read (and where appropriate) demonstrate the answers on the show. So if you have any technical questions please forward them to @SilverlightTV and we will organize some of them for future shows. For example, I am going to shoot some shows next week on MEF so if you have a questions such as “how do you filter exportable components using MEF?”, this would be an ideal time to get these questions in. We will try to get your questions in the show, but of course we cannot promise depending on time, number of questions we receive and if the topic is being covered.


The upcoming schedule is looking like we will have a few shows on these topics (subject to change as guest schedules allow):

- Multi-Touch


- RIA Services

- Silverlight HVP

- Design in Blend

- Splash screen creation

- XAP size management

- Panel discussion on general Silverlight questions

- New text features in Silverlight



If you have topics you wish to see please feel free to comment at @SilverlightTV. There is a lot to cover and we’ll do our best to find some great guests: some you know well and others you really should know!

Thanks for watching Silverlight TV!