imageI’m back! It’s been 2.5 years since I handed the reigns of my Data Points column in MSDN Magazine over to Julie Lerman (who has done a masterful job with it) when I went to work for Microsoft. Now that I am back on my own I decided to rekindle my old flame and begin a new column dedicated to client side technologies. I’m happy to announce that this month the first article in my new column Client Insight is now available!

What, 2 columns?! Yes, I am also continuing to write for VS Magazine in my monthly Papa’s Perspective column, which allows me to explore a variety of topics and give my take on how technology is evolving. So while Papa’s Perspective is more, well, my perspective, Client Insights is deeper, more technical, and is all about the client tech.

The first topic I chose is to provide all yimageou need to get started with data binding and MVVM to create HTML5 and JavaScript apps using Knockout.js. And if you like Knockout, be sure to check out my new Pluralsight course on Knockout that is coming out later this month! Yeah, its about data, and has a definite lean towards patterns I love (like MVVM) … but hey, what can I say Smile


I intend to put out some great insight into client side topics such as Silverlight, JavaScript, XAML, Windows 8, Windows Phone, CSS,  HTML, and much more. Please check it out!