Visual Studio has a ton of perks for making development easier. One of those perks is the package manager, better known as NuGet. Now, when you do KnockoutJS development in Visual Studio you have 4 Knockout packages available on NuGet:



</a> <p>KnockoutJS is an MVVM JavaScript library, written by Steve Sanderson, and is the heart of Knockout because, well, it is Knockout. If you are doing Knockout you will need to grab this first. </p> <h3>Knockout Mapper</h3> <p>Knockout Mapper, written by Roy Jacobs, maps plain old JavaScript objects (POJO) into a view model with the appropriate Knockout observables. This is an alternative to manually writing your own JavaScript code that constructs a view model based on some data you’ve fetched from the server.  Pretty slick plug in!</p> <h3>Knockout External Templates</h3> <p>The Knockout External Template Engine, written by Jim Cowart, extends Knockout.js to allow templates to load asynchronously from a remote resource. It currently supports both native and jQuery templates. </p> <h3>Knockout Change Tracker</h3> <p>The Knockout Change Tracker helps determine when the state of your view model has changed. Written by and posted by John Papa with the help of Steve Sanderson.</p> <p>image</p>