I ran into a problem this week when I tried to install a second Graffiti CMS web site on my hosted web server at OrcsWeb. The root of my server has 1 Graffiti instance already (what you are reading now). I added a second instance in a subfolder that I turned into an IIS Application / Virtual Directory. There were a few problems I had to work through, with the help of Jayme at Telligent and Scott at OrcsWeb (thanks guys!).

First, the web.config of the root site was being inherited by the application (in the sub folder) So the Graffiti connectiongString setting was duplicated and the second instance of Graffiti (the new one) was throwing an error. This was resolved by putting the <clear/> tag inside the <connectionStrings> tags in the sub application.

Second …. At that point I could not get it to throw an error anymore … the site just timed out. This one was resolved by Scott at OrcsWeb. You can read about his solution here.

So now I have 2 Graffiti instances running in different apps on my server. These guys were great in assisting me. They deserve kudos for their customer service.