In just a few weeks I’ll be at DevConnections in Las Vegas where I’ll be presenting on a few sessions such as JsRender/JsViews, KnockoutJS, and Windows 8 Metro apps with XAML, JavaScript Patterns. These will each be a whirlwind tour of those topics, which is about all you can do in an hour. I always tell folks that I am not trying to teach everything there is to know in 1 hour …. but rather I am showing what can be done and inspire you to continue down that path, if you so choose.


For those of you who can’t make DevConnections, you’ll be glad to know that there is an excellent video training course on the JavaScript patterns by Dan Wahlin at Pluralsight titled “Structuring JavaScript”. Dan and I subscribe to many of the same philosophies on patterns. For example, you’ll see that Dan and I are co-presenting the JavaScript Patterns session at DevConnections and in my KnockoutJS course for Pluralsight, I use the Revealing Module Pattern heavily. (Hey, I practice what I preach.)

For the most in depth coverage of the patterns and how to use them properly, you should definitely check out Dan’s course. It’s chocked full of great content such as:

  1. Why do we Need JavaScript Patterns?
  2. Prototype Pattern
  3. Module Pattern
  4. Revealing Module Pattern
  5. Revealing Prototype Pattern