MediumSLTVBannerThe latest episode of Silverlight TV is now available on Channel 9! Since this is our opening week we have published 3 new episodes. We’ve had a lot of great feedback and appreciate that so many of you are subscribing to the show, watching us, and providing feedback and comments! We’ll be publishing a schedule for shows as they evolve, but generally you will see a new episode every Thursday. We will post bonus shows as they come in, too!

But back to episode 3 … this is a great quick demo by David Kelley on multi touch in Silverlight. Silverlight TV is once again unscripted, shot in 1 take with warts and all. Don’t miss this one!


In this episode, John interviews Silverlight MVP David Kelley about developing multi-touch applications in Silverlight. David discusses the types of multi-touch hardware and his experiences in developing real world multi-touch applications. Then he jumps right into the code and shows how to create a multi-touch application with Silverlight 3 or 4! The application David demonstrates walks through the key multi-touch events, handling those events, touch IDs, tracking the location of the touch points, and much more.


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