The latest episode of Silverlight TV is now available on Channel 9! This episode kicks off an exploration of MEF with one of the Program Managers working on MEF, Hamilton Verissimo. John interviews Hamilton, of Castle Windsor fame, about his latest work on the MEF team. Hamilton (aka MEF Man) discusses what MEF does and why you want to use MEF with your Silverlight applications. He dives right into the code samples and walks through examples of creating composable objects from scratch. He exported, imported, and composed parts with skill! We had such a great time the we decided to schedule a follow up series with the MEF team to cover more scenarios with MEF and Silverlight.


Silverlight TV is once again unscripted, shot in 1 take with warts and all. Don’t miss this one! You can download the source code for Hamilton’s demo from this episode by clicking on this link.

If you have not watched the previous episodes of Silverlight TV, you can catch them here.

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