I have a pretty good technical review for my book, Data Services with Silverlight 2. There are some who are focusing on the entire book, some who are reading certain chapters, and there are those that are offering great insight into certain areas on an as needed basis.

I wanted to throw a THANK YOU out to all of them who are helping me with my book in one way, shape or form. This team overall is very well rounded and has already contributed a great deal to the book.

The team is made up of some great minds who collaboratively make up a great team for this book. They are (in no particular order) Shawn Wildermuth, Jason Perron, Tim Heuer, Jay Kimble, Giovanni Montrone, Beatriz Costa, Jesse Liberty, Danny Simmons, and Rob Bagby. Some are helping with their certain areas of expertise and others are doing a cover to cover review. For example Danny has helped me with the aspects that focus on using the Entity Framework with Silverlight. I hope to get a few more people on board to help with some very specific aspects, too. Rob Bagby has agreed to help with some specific areas since he is an expert with REST/WCF services. Shawn is a fantastic Silverlight guru as many of you know and he has done been an invaluable resource too! (As has everyone) I could go on about each of them as thy have all been awesome!

Jesse Liberty and Tim have a Silverlight 2 book of their own coming out soon, too. It is titled Programming Silverlight 2 and is also published by O’Reilly. Their book and my book compliment each other well as they both focus on different areas of Silverlight. I expect their book to be very popular and a great companion to mine (or vice versa). Both of our books are available for pre-order on Amazon.com now. They are targeted to be out in Dec 2008.


       Tim and Jesse’s book                                   My Book






Thank you to everyone involved!

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