deepzoom Microsoft released an update to the Deep Zoom Composer for Silverlight 2 Beta 1. I'm excited to try this out as I am working on a Silverlight application that uses the "deep zoom" technology and some of the new features/improvements should help it go smoother.

Yesterday I posted that Expression 2 was released, today I see Deep Zoom Composer has a new release ... just a hunch but I feel a flurry of releases coming in May ahead of Tech Ed.

In case you are unfamiliar with the "deep zoom" technology ... basically deep zoom allows users to zoom in and out of images ... ZOOM WAY IN and ZOOM WAY OUT. As a reference point, think about google maps and how you can zoom in and out with them. it provides a way to zoom in and out of images. 

There is a cool example of deep zoom found at the Hard Rock Memorabilia site. Check out how you can zoom in on the memorabilia images or zoom out and view them all.

You can see all of the improvements to Deep Zoom Composer on the Expression Blend and Design site. But here is a summary of the changes:

  • Improved Exporting
    • It now touts that it will out put a working Silverlight 2 project along with the image files. This will support mousewheel, panning, zooming, and keyboard navigation. Very cool indeed!
  • Design Experience
    • Image arrangement is easier with snap lines
    • Images can be selected and moved singly or as a group
    • Collections Export
      • Exporting collections now works better so WYSIWYG
    • Help
      • They've included links in the application for help on the forms so you do not have to visit the blog and search through comments to posts.
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