Today I saw the first copies of my book in print, hot off the presses. So where can you get it?

Book is in printVery soon, I will be creating an online area for the book at where you can find the code samples in both C# and VB, updates to the book, additional materials as I put them out, and various other book related topics. will be the goto place for any updates for the book. This should be up before the end of the year. If code samples need to be updated at some point, I will make adjustments online. Of course, code samples will be available from  and from O’Reilly’s site, too.

For now, you can find the code samples for the book in my  limageinks section. Just go to and scroll down on the right hand site and look for “Links”. You see it listed in there.

I’m just thrilled that its finally out! I hope you all enjoy it, and if you do, please express your thoughts in a review on Amazon, O’Reilly’s site or in your own blog :-) 

Thanks to everyone who helped with the book!