On behalf of the MIX team, I am excited to announce Open Source Fest at MIX11! Open Source Fest is an event for open source project leaders to come and show off their great open MIX11_BB_SeeYouAt_1http://live.visitmix.com/source projects … with some prizes too!.

The evening event, held on Monday April 11th, will be open to all MIX11 attendees and those in attendance can vote on their favorite open source projects. The winners will get a prize and some recognition at MIX11, but the key is the chance to showcase the open source projects by the community, stir the collective brainpower, and network. There will be food, drinks, a fun atmosphere, and a chance to meet many of the MIX11 speakers and attendees. Voting results will be announced at MIX11.

Please follow @MixEvent and me @john_papa for more details about MIX11!

Once you have registered, we’ll provide a small table in the event room where you can show your open source project (or point to your informational site) and a tall sign so folks can identify your project.

Registration Requirements for Open Source Fest:

  1. Register and attend MIX11
  2. Have a publicly available open source project that relates to any modern Microsoft technology
  3. Register your project by sending your name, project name, link to your project, Twitter ID, and email address to John Papa at john.papa@microsoft.com . Registration is first come first serve while supplies last. No registrations will be accepted after March 18th, 2011.
  4. Bring your laptop with your open source project and display it at your table in the event room on Monday April 11, from 6pm-9pm
  5. Optional: Send this statement to me to grant permission to include your project in the directory:
  6. I grant permission for John Papa and the MIX11 team to publish my project name, link, my name and Twitter ID to create an Open Source Fest at MIX 11 web page.


Note: Only registrations that meet these requirements will be accepted. Once the limit for the entries is reached, no further entries will be accepted.