It’s been a long while since I posted a recipe, but I really love this one and its so simple and common that you can’t make it wrong Smile

We love pasta, cheese, marinara sauce and spices. We also love Chicken parmesan, but we don’t eat it as often due to the negatives of frying the chicken and the fatty breading. Recently we’ve been eating a much healthier variation on this which my wife and I both love. Takes about 15 – 20 minutes total prep and cook time and goes great with a salad. It’s healthy, filling, and delicious!

UPDATE: I’ll update this post with a photo next time we make this.

First, start with the following portions (multiple as needed):

What you will need (serves 2):
  • Outdoor grill for the chicken
  • 1 sheet aluminum foil (12” x 12”)
  • 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (trimmed if needed)
  • Basil
  • Oregano
  • 1 piece of garlic
  • 2 tbsp olive oil (1 tbsp per breast)
  • 1 pot for boiling water
  • 4 oz of angel hair pasta (or swap out for your favorite pasta)
  • 1.5 cups of marinara sauce
  • Parmesan and Romano cheese blocks
  • Cheese grater
Searing the Chicken (10 minutes):
  1. Pre-heat the grill to 500 to 600 degrees (or hot as yours gets).
  2. Put the chicken breasts in a plastic sandwich bag with the olive oil and shake it around
  3. Fold the edges of the aluminum foil up a 1/2 inch on each side (to prevent the oil from spilling off the sides)
  4. Wait until the grill is heated then put the aluminum foil on the grill
  5. Put the chicken on the foil and shake a pinch of basil and oregano on the chicken
  6. Close the grill lid
  7. Let the chicken sit for about 5 minutes then flip the chicken
  8. After another 5 minutes on the other side, remove chicken.
  9. Cut into tiny bite size pieces

Cooking the Pasta (7 minutes):

  1. Fill 1 2+ quart pot with water and boil on a high flame
  2. When the water boils, turn flame to medium and put in your pasta
  3. Stir occasionally
Cooking the Sauce (7 minutes):
  1. Heat 1 sauce pot on a very low flame
  2. Pour your favorite marinara sauce in the pan (we use homemade, but that is another recipe Smile)
  3. Chop garlic into tiny bit size pieces and drop into sauce (amount varies on taste)
  4. Put a 1/2 tbsp of basil in sauce
  5. Put 1/2 tbsp of oregano in sauce
  6. Stir the sauce
Final Prep:
  1. Mix chicken, heated sauce and angel hair in 2 bowls
  2. Grate parmesan and romano cheese on top of the food and serve
  3. Enjoy!


  • Chicken cook time may be longer or shorter depending on how hot you heat the grill. My infrared grill takes 4 minutes per side on 500 - 600 degrees. My previous grill only got to 425 degrees and took about 7 minutes per side. Be prepared to adjust cook time based on your grill’s heat.
  • I highly suggest searing the chicken (pre-heat to 500+ and then put it on). Don’t put chicken on the grill til the grill is fully heated.
  • The aluminum foil helps keep the char off the chicken. The oil keeps it from sticking to the foil and helps it stay juicy. This is the key to having juicy and delicious chicken in the pasta (no hard burnt spots)
  • Angel hair cooks faster than most other pasta, so adjust cook time based on your pasta.
  • Garlic amounts are subjective, but I highly recommend some even if in small amounts for both taste and health.

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