A bit late to the party here, but I finally got around to re-reading Jeff Paries Silverlight 2 Animation book. I met Jeff at MIX 09 and talked to him at the Silverlight MIXer party. I also attended his presentation at MIX on animation … the guy is very very good. I had a copy of his book on my desk or review along with about 20 others. I read his book back in April over a weekend. It is very well written with a lot of great examples that take you step by step through animations.  In short, I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to get into Silverlight animations.Foundation Silverlight 2 Animation

The book covers animations from the perspective of using Silverlight 2 and Blend 2.1. All of the code is applicable to Silverlight 3, however there are some areas that have been improved tremendously in Silverlight 3 such as easing and perspective 3D. In Silverlight 2 the ways to implement some animations took a little more effort, and Jeff walks right through those areas. Obviously Jeff wrote the book for Silverlight 2, so it is not a problem and all of the content is still very relevant. I saw a post from Jeff recently saying he is updating the book for Silverlight 3, too. I hope so because I will be getting it :)

If you are interested in animations in Silverlight, this is an excellent choice. Even if you are just the occasional animator doing things like rotating panels, transitioning views between states, creating interactive buttons … this book will get you there.

2 thumbs up!

UPDATE: Here is a link to the v3 version of the book you can pre-order

Foundation Silverlight 3 Animation