Yesterday the announcement came out that Silverlight 2 would be released today and sure enough it is now available to be downloaded. Tim Heuer and Scott Guthrie have some great posts explaining what’s new, changes between the different versions, and offer some tips and guidance with it. There are tools for using it with Visual Studio 2008 and Expression Blend 2 SP 1 is also out, which support for Silverlight 2. You can find a lot of details on Silverlight 2 from Tim’s and Scott’s posts … I suggest reading through those.

The Silverlight team has done a fantastic job in a short amount of time. When you compare what is in Silverlight 1 to Silverlight 2 the difference is astounding. SIlverlight 2 offers so much more its insane. We knew media support would be rich (and it is) but the key aspects to me are all centered around the application centric features. Silverlight 2 has a ton of features that make it a viable option for business applications. IN the upcoming weeks I will be posting some demos, tutorials, and videos and some materials from my upcoming book. Lots to come!