This week on Silverlight TV, John introduces a brand-new Silverlight Training Series first announced at the Silverlight Firestarter. Created by John Papa and Silverlight MVPs Corey Schuman and Dan Wahlin, this eleven lab series includes hands-on labs and video walk-throughs by Corey and Dan, as well as:

  • Lab source code in both VB and C#
  • Step by step lab documents
  • Offline kit containing all 11 labs, lab documents, source code, and links to videos
  • Videos with Dan, Corey, and John walking through the labs and offering tips


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Firestarter Labs

This Silverlight 4 Firestarter Training course was created to enable fast adoption of Silverlight for line of business applications. All the labs are very practical oriented and provides a real-world samples used in Silverlight Line of Business (LOB) applications.

The course is built from 11 modules. Each module has 1 lab and 1 or more videos. You can either get them all in our offline package or check them out individually below:


Level 100: Getting Started

Level 200: Ready for More
Level 300: Take me Further