I've had some requests lately to write some articles that work with LINQ to SQL. I've ben focusing on the Entity Framework a lot due to its vast nature and that fact that its still relatively unknown to many people. So I am going to work on a LINQ to SQL project that ties into a multi tier model. I am also going to show how this can be hooked into a  Silverlight 2 UI that connects through WCF to the lower layers.

I'll probably be demonstrating these first at an event I am trying to set up with Joe Healy of Microsoft in Tampa this coming August. The demos will be ready way before then, but I wanted to have some cool materials for this event. There is no title nor date yet, but once the event is set I will be sure to let blog about it. It should be a great day overall.

I also plan on giving some love to the Entity Framework, regular persistence/mapper models, MVP patterns and more. I just have to find a way to work it all in and still give enough to each topic. Of course, this means all demos are subject to change, but the content will be fresh and cool for certain.

Here is a very poorly and quickly thrown together diagram of one of the demos I am tweaking.