Angular 2's engineering makes it extremely powerful for web and mobile applications. It is a great time to learn how to build apps with Angular 2 using Dependency Injection, providers, data binding, RxJS, Components, Modules, Services, and more!

I'm excited to announce a new two day Ultimate Angular 2 Workshop that is custom tailored to jump starting into Angular 2, hosted by myself and my friend Dan Wahlin in Ft Lauderdale, Florida on October 6 and 7!

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(The EARLY bird discount code expires on Sep 2, 2016)

Interested in learning how to build applications with Angular 2? Whether you’ve been building Angular 1 applications or you’re brand new to Angular, this workshop will provide a ground-up approach to learning Angular 2 concepts.

The workshop explores the core pieces that help you build end-to-end solutions including the role of ES6/TypeScript, project setup, code structure, using data binding and MV*, abstracted remote data calls through services, routing, and modules. Bring your laptop as you’ll learn through demos and hands-on coding along with Dan and John throughout the workshop that will help you learn and understand the Angular 2 framework. All slides and code samples are yours to keep.

Topics that this workshop covers include:

  • SPA fundamentals
  • Importance of Separation of Concerns (SoC)
  • ES6/TypeScript fundamentals
  • Built-in Types, Enums, Functions
  • Optional, Default and Rest Parameters
  • Arrow Functions and “this”
  • Classes, Interfaces and Decorators
  • ES6 Modules in TypeScript
  • Bootstrapping your application
  • The Role of Components
  • Using Annotations in Components
  • Dependency injection
  • Binding data to views
  • Working with forms
  • Managing remote data calls using services
  • Routing and page navigation
  • Separation with NgModules
  • Organizing your code and Style Guide recommendations
  • Lazy Loading of modules
  • Debugging TypeScript and Angular 2