A few days ago I shared how I keep up with Silverlight and I promised I would share my “top blogs” so I categorized a few types of blogs that I read. OK, so I can’t count very well … there are more than a top in here. But hey, it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want to :)

I subscribe to a lot more than this, but these are the the ones that tend to most frequently land in my “must read” list each day. Every day I look through what appears in my feed and I quickly scan through and remove some and mark others to read.

One thing I want to make very clear is that there are many other good blogs, but frankly if by subscribing to the 4 aggregated blogs I listed below I get coverage from a ton of other great Microsoft and Silverlight Community folk. But lists have to be cut somewhere, so this is my current “recommended list”.

My general criteria for reading a blog post is “does the topic grab my attention and fulfill its promise”. if both happen, I am hooked.

NOTE: All of the links are to the subscription feed for the blogs.

Silverlight Lists

Point blank … if you do Silverlight, then you need to subscribe to both of these lists. They cover both Microsoft folk and the community.

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Microsoft Folk (Silverlight, Windows Phone, Blend)

Here are the top blogs I recommend subscribing to from Microsoft folk who blog on development aspects of Silverlight, Windows Phone and Blend. It is always hard to show a top 10 and frankly there are some great blogs I left off this list. Rankings are in no particular order, I just know that you do not want to miss any posts form these folk. Some of these bloggers only post once in a while, like Jaime Rodriguez. But when they do post, you absolutely want to listen to what they have to share.

Videos and Podcasts

Yes, I host Silverlight TV but I would not do it if I did not think it was valuable. And yep, I listed it because I also watch the shows when I need to refer back to something to jog my memory. Inside Windows Phone already has 3 episodes and is promising to show some great insight from Yochay and Jaime. This week in Silverlight is a nice casual conversation between some community folk … if they keep a regular cadence up it would be a great way to keep up with key news when your eyes are tired.

Aggregated Microsoft Blogs

Great team blogs.

Silverlight Community Folk

I actually subscribe to what looks like 100 community blogs, but I tried to narrow down the ones that always seem to have nuggets that I earmark and they blog regularly enough that I see them in my queue a lot. There are others too, of course, but Silverlight Cream (thank you Mr Campbell) does such a great job of combing through them for us :)

And that is it for now. Feel free to add comments of those you feel are awesome, folks I did not list, or anything else. As with any list, yes I am sure I left people off … no harm intended.

I’ll follow up with a Top Twitter follower for Silverlight soon too.

UPDATE: I  added some Silverlight blogs that people add to the comments section, too. I’m done, but please keep commenting away so people can find them!