Ramona Schwering introduces us to the idea of visual testing. When should you consider visual testing? Can you ignore pixels for testing? How do you test responsive design? What do you do when an error shows up? How does visual testing sit alongside other forms of testing?

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const podcast = { 
  episode: 179,
  title: 'Visual Testing',
  topics: [ 
    'testing', 'errors', 'visaul testing'
  guest: 'Ramona Schwering'
  hosts: [
    'John Papa','Craig Shoemaker', 'Ward Bell'

Recording date: Thursday, March 24

John Papa @John_Papa

Ward Bell @WardBell

Dan Wahlin @DanWahlin

Craig Shoemaker @craigshoemaker

Ramona Schwering @leichteckig

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  • 00:34 Hiking and puppies
  • 03:05 Guest introduction
  • 05:45 When do I want to use this kind of testing?
  • 08:31 Sponsor: Ag Grid
  • 09:34 When do you enable visual testing?
  • 17:03 Can you ignore areas of the display if you don't want it to test?
  • 18:14 How do you test for responsive design?
  • 21:42 What about Applitools?
  • 23:12 Sponsor: Narwhal
  • 23:44 When a difference is spotted, how do you work with that?
  • 25:36 What issues have come up when learning about visual testing?
  • 29:36 How do you fit visual testing alongside other testing?
  • 36:03 Final thoughts

Podcast editing on this episode done by Chris Enns of Lemon Productions.