Day 2 is in the books and it was pretty intense. It was about an hour of Plyometrics, which is a lot of squatting, jumping, moving your feet around, hopping, and doing flips. OK, well no flips, but it felt like it for some of the exercises.  Day 1 was all weights and Day 2 is a lot of agility, flexibility, and cardio. It’s a good thing I am in pretty good shape cardio wise, because I could easily see myself falling down during this one each week. I won’t pretend it was easy for me, because it certainly was not. It was very difficult.

This morning (day 3) I’m certainly feeling it in my quads and hamstrings. Totally expected of course. My lower back is sore from both days of workouts. It’s something I’ll work through, but it certainly does not help. It’s the second recurring pain I have from my motorcycle accident 19+ years ago. But really, overall I feel as can be expected after 2 days of intense workouts.

Today is Day 3 where I’ll be working out on my shoulders and arms program … and again the ab ripper program. I hope my muscles have recovered enough from Day 1. We shall see. The pushups from Day 1 alone were murder. I did 125 pushups on Day 1 .. sounds like a lot but I think the “pros” in the video did 350+ of them. I’m still having nightmares of the div bomber push ups.

We cleaned out the pantry pretty well today and bought a ton of fruits and vegetables Which is fine since we like a lot of those (mostly fruits). We also bought Colleen a new blender (our old one was 16 years old and barely moved anymore) so now we are making smoothies and protein shakes. Sounds awful but really, for a picky guy like me I still love several variations of them. I tossed some strawberries, oranges and bananas into a chocolate protein shake drink for breakfast and it was amazingly good.

Of course we’re eating pretty close to the plans they give. The first month it’s a fat burning phase which is pretty high on protein and low on carbs. After that, the protein stays high but carbs go back up. It’s a little hard because some of my favorite foods are pasta, white rice and bread. sigh. I still have some carbs each day so its not too bad. I need more protein in my diet anyway.

Thanks for all the support … I’ll keep blogging and see where this leads.