Tables, wheels, bridges, downward dog, upward dog, and warrior poses … huh? You can tell I’ve never done yoga before, but thankfully Colleen had so she was able to explain some of it to me as we went. It was 90 minutes long and the first 45 had me sweating like crazy. Massively intense doing positions my body was crying out “are you kidding?”. But it really felt good. The second 45 minutes was also intense but in a less muscle exerting way and more of a flexibility thing … except a few spots where we worked abs again.

By the end of the 90 minutes I was able to touch my toes, something I have NEVER been able to do. I’ve always been so tight in my legs and I am really looking forward to how this can help me be more flexible. I was able to do almost all of the positions (no wheels for me though) even though in some I could not stretch nearly as far as the pros could. Even when I can’t keep up with them I try and push. if I need a mini break, I take it and get right back into it. Assuming like most athletics that “keeping at it” and “giving it your all” will prove fruitful.

My body feels great and it was fun to do this one side by side with Colleen. We are on the same workouts for days 3-7, which is handy. Tomorrow is back to muscle groups for legs and back … actually looking forward to it.

We’re keeping the diet in shape too. Again, mostly lowered the sugar and carb intake for this phase and increased the proteins. 1 day at a time.