“Dad, you only have 84 days left!” says my oldest daughter today on the way to school. That big mountain ahead of me, I still feel good about our first 6 days on P90X. Truth be told, I’ll still be exercising after this … I was exercising about 8 hours a week before, just not to this extent of intensity and well roundedness. But I am not going to think about day 90 yet … heck, I’m not thinking more than a day or 2 ahead right now.

My wife Colleen and I are enjoying the P90X videos. The exercises change every minute or so and Tony Horton is very entertaining. Colleen is doing the lean program and I am doing the classic, so days 3-7 are the same for us. I’m really proud of how she is doing with this program and the diet. It really helps to have each other for support.

Day 5 was backs and legs. The weight workout for my back was good, but certainly not as strenuous as the gajillions of pushups on Day 1 (Back and Chest). The legs were a good workout, with the only exercise that really killed me being the wall squats. I could really feel the burn there. Overall, great workout for Day 5 but I was not wiped out by it the way I was for the others. Perhaps the Yoga from the day before had be all limber Smile

We did the Kenpo X video on day 6 as today … which is a ton of kicks, punches and blocks in the martial arts style. It’s a great workout that I felt in both cardio and working the muscles. The workout was not difficult though many of the moves take a lot of coordination that at times can be daunting for beginners like us.

Tomorrow is the stretching day and then we work into week 2 of the first 30 days. I’m feeling great and I am noticing some small improvements in some areas. Colleen is feeling much better too. More energy for both us and we’re enjoying the workouts. We both sighed at the thought of a stretching day tomorrow as we both want to keep at it. But the rest/stretching is part of the program so the body can recover.

One thing we’re both considering is getting a heart rate monitor. The gym machines are a joke as I can have a heart rate of 90 or even 168 when I sprint … um, if I could sprint with a HR of 90 … well, that;s just wrong. The HR monitors with chest straps seem to still be the most accurate, so I’ll likely pick one up that does basic HR. It is handy to make sure we are in the zone … helps to tell if we need to push it harder or even when we need to rest.