I feel pretty awesome.

Some of this great feeling has to be from the better eating too. I cut out junk food and cut down my crap snacks to one a day or zero per day. So far the worst thing I eat is a yogurt or a cereal. So not bad. I’m eating a lot of proteins now, which is a shift from my usual eating habits of lots of sugar and carbs. I love my carbs … pasta, steamed white rice, bread … oh I love those. The first month has you cut back on carbs big time and ramp up on proteins. Of course, overall the sugars are supposed to go down too. It’s really not rocket science … the eating habits I am doing now are really pretty much in line with the caloric intake I had before, just  instead of a 200 calorie junk food I eat 200 calories in fruits or a protein shake. I’m not looking for weight loss, though it certainly would happen if I wasn’t already trim.

Today’s workout was the easiest so far … arms and shoulders. I bounced around between biceps and triceps and shoulders for the hours through a variety of about 15 exercises … twice each. Sounds worse than it is. They all went pretty well, still an intense workout and some were much harder than others, but I felt the burn with them all. It was a good feeling though. I did the bonus exercise round, which was another 3 sets (twice again). 

Then came the ab ripper X (every day 1, 3 and 5) … I did better this time than on day 1 but it really is intense. It is about 15 minutes of various ab exercises, many of which I felt intensely and had to pause during. I was proud that I was able to do darn close to all the reps but there were points I just laid on the floor in between and was hoping Tony Horton would take a break longer than 10 seconds. He didn’t in this routine.

It’s over now and I’m feeling good. The recovery drink is nice right after the workout … especially in our new blender that actually mixes everything. Hard to believe we had a crappy blender for 15 years that never mixed anything well.

Colleen and I are on the same workouts for days 3-7 (she does the lean workout and I do the classic). So she had her first taste of the weights and the ab ripper today. The ab ripper beat her up too but I was so proud that she stuck with it.

Tomorrow is yoga, but tonight is a good night sleep.

Not sure if I will blog every day … but for now I enjoy writing it down as it motivates me and serves as a journal of how it went for me to look back on.

Some folks asked what kind of shape you have to be in to start. First, I won’t try to tell anyone how to exercise … I’m not qualified. But I was in pretty good shape having played soccer a lot and for the past 6 months doing cardio and light weights days a week. It’s still intense as heck and working muscles I have not used well in a long time though. Much more rounded. To me, I think as long as a person is doing exercise of any kind, they should be proud. Something is always better than nothing. Doesn’t matter what program it is … my key is to find something that keeps my interest. Goals are important too … mine are not to be huge. I really have no desire for that at all. My goal is to be more flexible, stronger, faster, and more agile.  We’ll see how this goes.