Building JavaScript apps or SPA’s with Knockout and interested in taking those skills up a notch? Then check out my new course Essential Knockout and JavaScript Tips, at Pluralsight. By the end of this course you will learn more about how Knockout works, various debugging techniques for declarative HTML and JavaScript view models, exploring your data context and observables, the many uses of custom bindings, the power of subscriptions, custom functions and performance tuning.


What's in the Course?

This Essential Knockout and JavaScript Tips course helps explain how to fine tune your Knockout based JavaScript apps. The course is divided into “Rounds” (a Knockout and boxing pun) with each round focusing on enhancing specific sets of Knockout and JavaScript skills.


  • What to Expect from Knockout and JavaScript Tips
  • Getting Started with the Demo Code
  • Round 1: Starting Off on the Right Foot with Observables
  • Round 2: Live Debugging
  • Round 3: Inspecting Bindings
  • Round 4: Custom Binding Handlers
  • Round 5: The Truth of Computed Observables
  • Round 6: Manual Subscriptions
  • Round 7: Event Delegation and Performance
  • Round 8: Performance

Source Code

Most of the code samples are based either on my Code Camper SPA (as seen in my SPA JumpStart course) or code samples from scratch that I run in Plunker. As the samples are used, the course describes where you can get the source for both so you can follow along. You can access the final source code for my SPA JumpStart course and other resources from this SPA resources page.

Knockout Fundamentals

If you need a refresher on any of the Knockout Fundamentals, you can watch my beginner level Knockout course on Pluralsight too. image_3

More Knockout Resources

What's Next?

I have a bunch of courses in mind including expanding on (in alphabetical order) Angular, Breeze, Durandal, JavaScript, and SPA Tips.

Thanks to Fotolia

If you enjoy the photos in my slides for this course, then you can thank my subscription with for those. You can get a discount on images by following this link. fotolia-52_600