Today I started week 3 of P90X (sounds better than saying I’ve only done 2 weeks). I find that the 7th day of the program is always a bit of a downer as I feel like I should be doing more. Day 7 is a bit of a rest day as its just stretching.

Today I was glad I rested yesterday because the snow made the roads so bad I could not drive. I had to pull over, park in a parking lot and walk the rest of the way home. On the way I stopped and helped several folks push their cars, so that was a heck of a workout. I pushed one car 3 times (bad driver) and while helping one driver get unstuck in the middle of the road, another driver flew by us and slammed into a mailbox and a ditch. I made it home, with an unintended cardio workout.

Once I got home I had to do the back, chest and ab ripper workouts. About 200 pushups and 200 pull ups, plus 16 minutes of grueling ab workouts. Yeah, that day of rest the day before was REALLY needed today.

I feel great still and while my weight has stabilized after losing almost 5 lbs in the first few days (I don’t need to lose any more anyway), I’m certainly starting to feel much stronger and more agile. The best part is that I am less tired, I wake up earlier and can jump right out of bed. That has NEVER happened to me before. My energy levels are really up, which is awesomely helpful since I am hitting the very busy time at work. Last year at this time I made excuses not to exercise and I worked my butt off … this year I am making sure I exercise so I CAN work my butt off without crashing. It’s working so far. I don’t look much different, but heck, its been 2 weeks.

The diet is not bad at all … though I do find I have to pick and choose when to have my carbs. I love my pasta and bread!

Oh … and I’ll get my car tomorrow Smile … once the roads are clearer.