image The latest episode of Silverlight TV is now available on Channel 9! In this episode, Adam Kinney makes his theatrical return to Silverlight TV and claims to have filmed the best Expression Blend 3 video ever! (or at least on Silverlight TV). Adam walks through Blend and Sketchflow from the perspective of the client and through to the designer/developer using a real world scenario. This is a great demonstration of how to effectively use Blend. In this video, Adam demonstrates :

  • sketching with SketchFlow
  • importing images
  • path conversion to elements
  • sample data
  • editing item templates
  • data binding
  • behaviors
  • effects
  • visual states
  • easing

This is a great and very practical demonstration of Blend 3 from the Expression Evangelist, himself.

Links for this episode:

You can see the episode online by clicking this link or clicking the mage below:


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Silverlight TV is once again unscripted and shot in 1 take. Don’t miss this one!

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